Sunday, December 22, 2013

Evidently I Expect A Tad Bit Too Much Out Of The Omaha Police Department

Early this morning around 4:45 A.M. or so (it was still dark out) some guy got on my porch and started beating on the door. It woke me up out of a sound sleep. He started leaning into the door like trying to open it and wiggling the door knob and shit. Then I heard him crying (weeping actually) and heard him say "Please be here." Then he beat on the door some more.

The dude wasn't going to go away so I ducked down and walked to find my cell phone and called the po-po and whispered into it what was going on and they told me to hide in a locked room and wait for the cops. So I did and this guy beat and banged and cryed and shit until they got here.

They called me and told me to go to my door and talk to the cops. I head that way and I can hear the cop asking the dude "You don't know who lives here?" I open the door and they ask me if I know the guy and I say no. He won't look at me actually but I can see him from the side and no one I know who is a guy wears skin tight skinny jeans.

 Like I said he won't look at me and is on his phone saying "I am trying to find you!". They ask me if I am Briana and I say "Never heard of her. I just want him out of here". So they escort the dude to the end of my fucking driveway. THE END OF MY FUCKING DRIVEWAY CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SHIT? I MEAN SERIOUSLY CAN'T THEY CART HIS ASS A BIT FARTHER OFF?

So they take him to the end of my driveway and let his ass go and he stands there a bit then wanders off down the street. So if all I can get is a weird guy on my property escorted only to THE END OF MY FUCKING DRIVEWAY then that's it I have had it and I am LOADING MY FUCKING GUN AND KEEPING IT WHERE I CAN REACH IT FROM FUCKING NOW ON. Knock on my door again and try to get in and I will give your ass something to really cry about next time weird fucking guy!

So he leaves and I am awake the rest of the night. I sit up marveling at the bare minimum that the Omaha Police Department did to get the guy the hell away from my house.



mizdarlin said...

I've had two almost identical experiences, and the cops did squat in one case, and called the fire department search and rescue in the other..they at least talked to the guy (in front of my place, of course) and kept him talking for awhile, but then, they left too..luckily he wandered off...he was obviously drunk or stoned or crazy..
So it ain't just the Nebraska puh-leeze who wont react the way you'd like..I figure they can't be bothered dealing with a guy who isn't doing much but being a nuisance, and unfortunately drunk walking isn't yet a crime...the paperwork alone would make it a full-time job just to move the crazies along, I suppose...

PussDaddy said...

We just added a shotgun to our collection as well.


The Nature Nut said...

Man that must have been scary as hell! I'm glad you are all right and that the weird-o s.o.b. didn't get in. Your cops are as lazy-ass as ours up here in Canada. We had a poacher shooting up everything that moved out back in our woods. First of all the cop on the phone argued with me that it was wouldn't I be seeing pretty colours in the sky if it was fireworks? Finally they showed up a few hours after the guy stopped shooting, and sat in their car at the end of our driveway out by the road with their lights flashing (they never even got out of the car), then they just left. Geeze thanks guys! It makes me feel so much better knowing that you don't want to get your chicken-shit asses shot off either! I wish I had a job where I was paid to do nothing! Anyhow - I'm glad you are OK.

PussDaddy said...

Thanks NN.