Friday, December 13, 2013

Cynthia and Brandon Nemeth-Another Pair Of Etsy Scam Artists

A mom and son tag team this time. Remember this blog post of mine?

This Etsy Family Has Gone Through More In A Year Than Most People Face In A Lifetime-Can You Please Help?

Well it appears everyone bought their items out of their shop on that treasury and they simply stopped sending anything out. Then they refused to answer any one's messages to them. And now they are banned from selling on Etsy for taking people's money then failing to ship. Their shop no longer exists.
Fuckwit Cynthia Nemeth's fucktard son Brandon Nemeth reported her as dead

yet they both are posting uninterrupted on their Facebooks

This is hard to do when you are dead isn't it? And you would think Brandon would be just a tad bit too upset to Facebook if she had died.

Someone commented to me what they were doing in the blog post I made earlier to help them so I went to check it out and a team member verified it and then I searched the team threads and found this which also verifies it:

I would like to make clear that these clowns did not ask anyone to take up their cause. But the people who did have known this fuckwit for some time (since her husband died a couple years ago-but who really knows if THAT is even true) so they felt safe in trying to help her. Also let me make it clear that I was not asked to help by blogging or donating either. But I did blog and donate to them, and they did of course ACCEPT every one's pity sales and donations (including mine).

And since they accepted my fucking money and then did myself and others the way they did I am putting their names and fugly ass mug shots on my blog for anyone who happens to google either one of their names to find.

If they don't like it they can fucking sue me. Which will be hard to do considering they ripped so many people off (including myself). They did not have to accept the money once they knew it was being taken up for them, they did not have to keep the fundraiser going with updates of their sad plight replete with a death, they did not have to stop filling people's orders, and they did not have to refuse to communicate with the people who tried to help them once they did the other three aforementioned things.

So here are pictures of fuckwit Cynthia Nemeth and her fuckwit son Brandon. They live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by the way.

This is fuckwit Cynthia Nemeth:

and here is her fucktard son Brandon Nemeth

Both Mom and Baby Boy look like they have been hitting the weed/crank pipe pretty hard IMHO. But like I said that is just MY opinion. The reason I posted fucktard son Brandon's picture is because he was right in the thick of all this bullshit helping it happen and keeping it going.

This is fuckwit Cynthia Nemeth's twitter account
and you can find links to both Cynthia and Brandon Nemeth all over the internet and some do contain an address and a phone number.

Now if either one of these fucking assholes would like to refund the money I so graciously sent them to help them out they can click my profile link here on my blog and then my contact link and email me. I will then just as graciously remove this blog post. Up until that time they can both kiss my fucking ass and the shit is staying up as is.

As for me-thanks to assholes like this and Karina Gallo,  and that fucking lying, scamming nutsmegmaclick chick-I will no longer be making blog posts trying to help people out. And that is a shame because my blog has helped a lot of people and animals. It no longer will do that however because I no longer want to take the chance of having my blog readers ripped off while trying to help people.

I would also like everyone to keep in mind that the people who tried to help these assholes are good people, with good hearts, and therefore it should not be held against them trying to help these clowns. I hope they don't feel too bad because it is the spirit in which one gives that counts and not what the recipients of such generosity do with it or act like once they get it.

I would also like to apologize to any of my blog readers who donated to these clowns in any way whether it be time or money and thank them for their generosity. You deserve better. I am sorry this happened. But it won't happen again because like I said I will no longer blog about anyone needing any help.

And yeah, rock and roll is here to stay. AND SO IS THIS FUCKING BLOG POST, BITCHES!


Once again I apologize.



mizdarlin said...

I often wonder how many people who you solicit for are taking are a kind and generous person to do what you do, but don't let their creepiness bring you down..remember that you do what you do with the best of intentions.

PussDaddy said...

So far I only know of those 3 I named. But after 3 strikes I figure I'm out.