Saturday, November 2, 2013

This Etsy Family Has Gone Through More In A Year Than Most People Face In A Lifetime-Can You Please Help?

Hi, me again, hee hee. This Etsy family has been hit with tragedy after tragedy this year. When I read it it tore my heart out and I immediately felt compelled to help. The best way for me explain what has happened is probably to just copy and paste the OP who made the thread, so here goes:

EVERYONE PLEASE READ-Charity BNS for Cyntiha Nemeth

We have a fellow Statteam member who is in dire need of our help.

Most of you know Cynthia Nemeth of CLeas Beadworks.
In the past year Cynthia has lost her husband to cancer, a few months
later her son Brandon was in a horrific car accident. He was hit by a
careless driver. His passenger and friend was killed, Brandon's injuries
were so severe they weren't sure if he would survive. Thank goodness
he did but he is still recovering from his injuries and still suffers with
seizures because of his brain injuries. In August Cynthia suffered a
heart attack and has been in the hospital since. A couple weeks ago she
went through bypass surgery, she is recovering slowly and the doctors feel
she will hopefully have a full recovery with time.
Brandon lost his job and 2 months ago they lost their apartment. Brandon
has been living in a shelter since then. He is an amazing young man who
never complains about his situation, he just takes care of his Mom and keeps
on trying. He is getting help applying for Disability but as we know the wheels
turn slowly on such things. He is working hard to find an apartment to bring
his Mom home to, hopefully before Thanksgiving.

Sheila (SiriusFun) and I are planning a Charity BNS for Saturday Nov. 2nd to try
and raise some money to help these two wonderful people. The BNS will feature
only items from their shop - Ms CLeas Bead Emporium.( You will not be buying into this BNS, just helping
a fellow Statteam member !
Please consider stopping by on Saturday Nov.2nd and checking out their wonderful items ! You will be helping a dear Statteam member in need. The BNS will be open and monitored from 10am to 6pm EST Saturday Nov 2nd, we will leave it open for shoppers all weekend. We will post a link to the BNS on
Friday night Nov 1st.
If anyone is interested in simply making a donation to them just send a message to Sheila, Marge or myself and we can direct you how to do that.

Comments or suggestions are very much welcome !
Thank you all for taking the time to read this !

Linda & Sheila


This family has been hit by tragedy after tragedy this year, and this is the season of caring and giving. So I would like to ask that if you would be so kind as to make a purchase from this treasury to help out it would be appreciated more than you know:

Everyone can use beads and jewelry findings, right? And your purchase no matter how small will help out a family in great need.  If you would simply like to donate monetarily you can do so by Paypal as I did. I don't want to publish any one's email address so to make a monetary donation just contact the OP, Sheila or Marge and they will provide it to you. Please have a bit of patience as they will get back to you as soon as they can. If you cannot make a purchase or donation then please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. Even blogging it or tweeting it will be a big help. Heck, even viewing and clicking on items in the treasury will help.

People helping people-that's what life is all about. Well, that and people helping animals too, but right now it's people in need. I never ask anyone to do anything that I am not willing to do myself so as I said I made a donation, and I hope anyone who reads this does the same whether it be by purchasing from the treasury or monetary donation.

Once again thanks for listening and helping my generous, and caring posse,



Anonymous said...

Hi contact the statteam, you will discover that you have all been conned and they are now aware of this. Unless the after life has Facebook then Cynthia is still alive and well and posting daily onto Facebook.

PussDaddy said...

Hmmm. The bead shop is closed. I will check it out and thanks for letting me know.