Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Happened In The Etsy/Kissmetrics Lawsuit

Here is a link that explains what has happened with the Etsy/Kissmetrics lawsuit. I am not going to type it all out here when you can just click the link and read it.

Unfortunately websites (including Etsy) were voluntarily dismissed from the lawsuit by the class members meaning Etsy didn't get their asses sued right the hell off.

 And unfortunately many of us still have the Kissmetrics crap on our computers which we will never be able to rid ourselves of short of taking a hammer to our hard drives and beating them into little pieces then starting them on fire and after that tossing what is left into the river.

My advice is to just stay the hell away from the Kissmetrics site and if all of us wish really hard maybe we can use the force to cause a case of bleeding hemorrhoids and systemic root rot on the fucking Shah over there.

On the plus side the results of this lawsuit may help future plaintiffs of Internet fraud cases.



mizdarlin said...

Guessing all this creepiness happened when I had left Etsy for a couple of years..I hope...reading through that link, it seems that if individuals wish to pursue lawsuits against Etsy they can...just for the purposes of this specific suit, the plaintiff was 'reduced' to Kissmetrics, so anyone who feels violated can certainly feel free...of course, even Etsy knows that this is unlikely because most people can't take the chance of being denied, and having to pay court costs..this is why class action suits are usually less expensive for individuals...

PussDaddy said...

I basically abandoned my computer with the kissmetrics bullshit on it and just let it sit there and bought a new one.