Thursday, December 23, 2010

Proof Positive That People Will Do Anything To Make A Buck

The latest Etsy controversy is that many blogs are calling for an Etsy boycott
due to the reprehensible greeting cards in this desperate-for-attention person's shop
At least her shop is aptly named because she appears to be a stupid bitch to me. Greeting cards that say "Congratulations You Have A Downs Syndrome Child", and "Congratulations You Have Breast Cancer", and "Congratulations You Got Bad Touched".

I hope and pray that I never become this desperate. Sort of reminds me of NeatThings. On crack.



Dio said...

I've decided that I am pretty much done with buying handmade online, and one of the reasons is that supposedly intelligent businesses have these shitty backed-up toilet issues that they choose to ignore.

I can buy from Amazon and get things cheaper, and I don't have to wade through the shops of people trying to "shock" me in ways that only disgust - I have met too many children who try to pull the "shock" card for it to phase me, and I wouldn't walk in a mall that allowed sellers to try that on me, so am going to avoid online sites that allow it.

And the forums of sellers who talk about buyers like they are idiots because they have shipping or communication problems are another real turn-off to buying handmade.
The Etsy and Artfire both have forums full of mostly women who feel free to say anything they want and will tell anyone with a problem to "not read it if it bothers you" and will stomp all over other sellers who request it to stop, to keep the shit from slopping over onto their own business.
Both sites should care enough to clear out the shitty toilet, but instead choose to leave these people to police themselves, which just makes more crap.

Honestly, E has such a young selling base that it's understandable that those sellers want to shock and can't control what they say - not excusable, but understandable - but on AF, the average middle-age of sellers makes them look ridiculous fighting each other.

Anyway, this novel is just meant to say that, over this last year, I have decided to stop trying to support handmade online - there is very little that is noble about it and very little that deserves being supported.
I'll spend my money in local stores where I can walk out if I get a whiff of their shitty floating mess.

mizdarlin said...

I only go to Etsy to check for Convos now, but have noticed that the FPs are even more pathetically beige than usual..
Glad I'm going to slowly let my E stuff expire, and avoid all these melodramas...

PussDaddy said...

I think I am pretty much done too Dio. I have seen too much crap passed off as handmade for $25 that you can buy in a store for a couple of dollars. Also I really don't want to support assholes like this one and the venues that allow them to sell anyway-it's my money and I can spend it where I want-or not. I have pretty much decided that I am done supporting it too. If I do buy it will be from people I pretty much trust to be legitimately handmade without their head up their asses. Who needs this holier-than-thou bullshit from these idiots anyway when you can walk into a store and be treated like shit on any given day if you want to. And hey, fuck you if this bothers you, don't read this shit if it bothers you bitches, OK? This is my mother fuckin' blog and if you don't like it get the hell out.


Pretty Things said...

I was absolutely horrified to see that sort of thing. Who can even conceive of those thoughts and put them on paper?

PussDaddy said...

That person's IQ didn't exactly break any sound barriers IMHO.

Why make a crappy shop on Etsy and piss off a few people when you can make a blog and piss off more people instead? Get with the fucking program.


woodsmokewoolworks said...

There is more poop on Etsy than there is in my outhouse BUT more people than poop are doing good work with integrity, imagination, skill and talent. Maybe it requires a bit of sifting through the dross to find the jewels but the jewels are there.

PussDaddy said...

Sometimes I feel so sorry for the jewels. I do know some jewels.


Ruthie's Girl Designs said...

I saw that shop and it makes me sad that I bust my butt to make decent products, be professional and hope that people come back to my shop. It's these reasons that you are all leaving that I am seriously considering letting my Etsy shop go. I've set up at another venue and have spent the last few weeks really working on my inventory (spreadsheets, even!) and meeting some like minded people who really do like what they do and appreciate those who buy from them. I left the Etsy forums back during Lent and in all honesty have not missed it nor have I looked back. ONE.BIT. I personally hope you do not all give up on people who do sell online, I've gone so far as to sell locally because people see my products online and want to buy from me instead of purchase and mail . I know for many, selling on line is their only source of income and they really rely on that.

That being said, there ARE some really nasty folks on Etsy (I won't even venture onto Assfire, sorry Freudian slip) that really make it REALLY REALLY bad for the rest of us. I'm sorry that it's the good people that have to pay, but isn't that always the way the cookie crumbles?

I have some items left on Etsy, but I am slowly letting them expire. I can always pimp my items to people on my FB wall (respectfully, mind you) and blog and hope that someone sees my attitude is as nice as what I make it out to be and buy from me. I'll continue to host shows here locally and who knows, maybe if things turn around I'll get to fulfill the dream of having my OWN B&M where I KNOW how to behave.

I hope you all don't give up on everyone on Etsy, or any other online venue. Times are tight and some of these folks are just trying to make a honest buck. The rest of them need to be just bucked in the ass.

Sorry for the long breath!


PussDaddy said...

Both places would be better without the rabbid barracudas treading water just waiting to feed IMHO. I think ArtFire offers more seller-wise, but there are too many hyenas in the forum trolling there just to make life miserable for everyone else. I am at the point now Ruthie that I only need to buy stuff if I really really need it or just can't live without it anyway so I don't really need to be here all the time anyway. I haven't given up on everyone who sells handmade, but it sure gets harder and harder to take it very seriously most of the time. But I wish you and many others the greatest success in whatever you do.


Anonymous said...

The person that owns that shop is a dude...go figure.

Anonymous said...

From the Etsy Forum:

"eclipse says:
youstupidbitch says:
etsy corporate has been fantastic so far through this entire shindig, if i lived in the same city as them, i would have bought them all drinks and pizza and shaken their hands for being so awesome.
I'm sure they would buy YOU the pizza for bringing so much traffic and free publicity to the site.
And the fact they support you so much (admins even buying from you) will go over just great with the mommy bloggers and that big-haired lady on HLN, too!
It's a regular love-fest.
Posted at 5:15 am, January 9, 2011 ET - Report this post"

Apparently Etsy Administrators have been buying the cards. What a way to show support and thumb their noses at their shoppers.

Anonymous said...

The words of the worm, who was afraid to go on tv with Jane Velez Mitchell.