Sunday, April 13, 2014

Test URL's For Heartbleed

Here is some information about what the Heartbleed bug is all about:

This one has a list of sites that are affected:

Having read that (and now being all paranoid as hell) here are a couple links to test servers for Heartbleed so your private information doesn't get stolen:

Hope this helps.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Even Phone Porn Scammers Love Their Mothers

I got a text from someone I don't know with nasty language and a phone number that made me believe it was some kind of porn scammer. I asked them not to call again.

On Dec. 31st he texted me again anyway. Here is the conversation:

His phone number along with the words "Cum roll up"

Your mother loves it up her ass.

Excuse you nigga got my mom fuck up. What fuck I am lose number. Thanks peace and love

Hey you messaged me. I didn't message you. It's not my fault your mother is a whore either. Don't message people you don't know. I could be a cop for all you know.

I then used an app to find out the name of the person who the phone belongs to and his location and I filed a complaint with the FTC. I then messaged him again and called him by name and told him I just filed a complaint with the FTC because he texted me after I asked him not to.

I'll leave it to you to google cum roll.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Evidently I Expect A Tad Bit Too Much Out Of The Omaha Police Department

Early this morning around 4:45 A.M. or so (it was still dark out) some guy got on my porch and started beating on the door. It woke me up out of a sound sleep. He started leaning into the door like trying to open it and wiggling the door knob and shit. Then I heard him crying (weeping actually) and heard him say "Please be here." Then he beat on the door some more.

The dude wasn't going to go away so I ducked down and walked to find my cell phone and called the po-po and whispered into it what was going on and they told me to hide in a locked room and wait for the cops. So I did and this guy beat and banged and cryed and shit until they got here.

They called me and told me to go to my door and talk to the cops. I head that way and I can hear the cop asking the dude "You don't know who lives here?" I open the door and they ask me if I know the guy and I say no. He won't look at me actually but I can see him from the side and no one I know who is a guy wears skin tight skinny jeans.

 Like I said he won't look at me and is on his phone saying "I am trying to find you!". They ask me if I am Briana and I say "Never heard of her. I just want him out of here". So they escort the dude to the end of my fucking driveway. THE END OF MY FUCKING DRIVEWAY CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SHIT? I MEAN SERIOUSLY CAN'T THEY CART HIS ASS A BIT FARTHER OFF?

So they take him to the end of my driveway and let his ass go and he stands there a bit then wanders off down the street. So if all I can get is a weird guy on my property escorted only to THE END OF MY FUCKING DRIVEWAY then that's it I have had it and I am LOADING MY FUCKING GUN AND KEEPING IT WHERE I CAN REACH IT FROM FUCKING NOW ON. Knock on my door again and try to get in and I will give your ass something to really cry about next time weird fucking guy!

So he leaves and I am awake the rest of the night. I sit up marveling at the bare minimum that the Omaha Police Department did to get the guy the hell away from my house.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

PooPourri-For The Mad Shitter In Your House

How funny is this?

Here is a link to their shop:

With names like Royal Flush, Shittin Pretty, Heavy Doody, and Deja'Poo how can you go wrong?

I bought my husband the Master Crapsman Kit. How cute is that? It comes in a really cute package.

It was very easy to order. It took me to my Paypal account and basically all I had to do was log in and pay.  It takes 3 to 5 days to process the order then 3 days shipping time so I am hoping it arrives in time for Christmas. But even if it doesn't then what a great way to start out the New Year, right? I mean I love you, honey, but your stinky ass I can live without, lol.

Here is their Frequently Asked Questions page and it's a hoot, too!

You might not enjoy a crap but at least you don't have to be bothered by it either, lol.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Cynthia and Brandon Nemeth-Another Pair Of Etsy Scam Artists

A mom and son tag team this time. Remember this blog post of mine?

This Etsy Family Has Gone Through More In A Year Than Most People Face In A Lifetime-Can You Please Help?

Well it appears everyone bought their items out of their shop on that treasury and they simply stopped sending anything out. Then they refused to answer any one's messages to them. And now they are banned from selling on Etsy for taking people's money then failing to ship. Their shop no longer exists.
Fuckwit Cynthia Nemeth's fucktard son Brandon Nemeth reported her as dead

yet they both are posting uninterrupted on their Facebooks

This is hard to do when you are dead isn't it? And you would think Brandon would be just a tad bit too upset to Facebook if she had died.

Someone commented to me what they were doing in the blog post I made earlier to help them so I went to check it out and a team member verified it and then I searched the team threads and found this which also verifies it:

I would like to make clear that these clowns did not ask anyone to take up their cause. But the people who did have known this fuckwit for some time (since her husband died a couple years ago-but who really knows if THAT is even true) so they felt safe in trying to help her. Also let me make it clear that I was not asked to help by blogging or donating either. But I did blog and donate to them, and they did of course ACCEPT every one's pity sales and donations (including mine).

And since they accepted my fucking money and then did myself and others the way they did I am putting their names and fugly ass mug shots on my blog for anyone who happens to google either one of their names to find.

If they don't like it they can fucking sue me. Which will be hard to do considering they ripped so many people off (including myself). They did not have to accept the money once they knew it was being taken up for them, they did not have to keep the fundraiser going with updates of their sad plight replete with a death, they did not have to stop filling people's orders, and they did not have to refuse to communicate with the people who tried to help them once they did the other three aforementioned things.

So here are pictures of fuckwit Cynthia Nemeth and her fuckwit son Brandon. They live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by the way.

This is fuckwit Cynthia Nemeth:

and here is her fucktard son Brandon Nemeth

Both Mom and Baby Boy look like they have been hitting the weed/crank pipe pretty hard IMHO. But like I said that is just MY opinion. The reason I posted fucktard son Brandon's picture is because he was right in the thick of all this bullshit helping it happen and keeping it going.

This is fuckwit Cynthia Nemeth's twitter account
and you can find links to both Cynthia and Brandon Nemeth all over the internet and some do contain an address and a phone number.

Now if either one of these fucking assholes would like to refund the money I so graciously sent them to help them out they can click my profile link here on my blog and then my contact link and email me. I will then just as graciously remove this blog post. Up until that time they can both kiss my fucking ass and the shit is staying up as is.

As for me-thanks to assholes like this and Karina Gallo,  and that fucking lying, scamming nutsmegmaclick chick-I will no longer be making blog posts trying to help people out. And that is a shame because my blog has helped a lot of people and animals. It no longer will do that however because I no longer want to take the chance of having my blog readers ripped off while trying to help people.

I would also like everyone to keep in mind that the people who tried to help these assholes are good people, with good hearts, and therefore it should not be held against them trying to help these clowns. I hope they don't feel too bad because it is the spirit in which one gives that counts and not what the recipients of such generosity do with it or act like once they get it.

I would also like to apologize to any of my blog readers who donated to these clowns in any way whether it be time or money and thank them for their generosity. You deserve better. I am sorry this happened. But it won't happen again because like I said I will no longer blog about anyone needing any help.

And yeah, rock and roll is here to stay. AND SO IS THIS FUCKING BLOG POST, BITCHES!


Once again I apologize.


Jingle Balls (and whatever)

Another crazy Kmart commercial. This one advertising Joe Boxer underwear.

I guess I'm lucky to be a Shop Your Way Rewards member.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Nut Up My Brothers!

A funny Sears commercial called Squirrel Revolt.



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Show Support For The LGBTQ Community-AT&T"s The Love Is Changing History Project

This is easy and painless and ends November 11, 2013.

In celebration of LGBT History Month (which is in October) AT&T will donate up to $3 to the Trevor Project which is a non-profit that provides crisis and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth.

For each person who shares on Facebook or Twitter from this site either the Love is Changing History Project or a film between 11:59PM PDT September 30, 2013 and 11:59PM PST November 11, 2013, AT&T will donate $1. Limit one share per person per Facebook account and one share per person per Twitter account. Maximum $2. For each person who submits a story to the Project, AT&T will donate $1. Total maximum of $3 per person. AT&T will donate a minimum of $25,000 and maximum of $100,000.

This is so easy that I did it in half a minute. So spread the love. Free your mind and your ass will follow. Tweet it. Facebook it. Learn it. Live it. Love it.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

This Etsy Family Has Gone Through More In A Year Than Most People Face In A Lifetime-Can You Please Help?

Hi, me again, hee hee. This Etsy family has been hit with tragedy after tragedy this year. When I read it it tore my heart out and I immediately felt compelled to help. The best way for me explain what has happened is probably to just copy and paste the OP who made the thread, so here goes:

EVERYONE PLEASE READ-Charity BNS for Cyntiha Nemeth

We have a fellow Statteam member who is in dire need of our help.

Most of you know Cynthia Nemeth of CLeas Beadworks.
In the past year Cynthia has lost her husband to cancer, a few months
later her son Brandon was in a horrific car accident. He was hit by a
careless driver. His passenger and friend was killed, Brandon's injuries
were so severe they weren't sure if he would survive. Thank goodness
he did but he is still recovering from his injuries and still suffers with
seizures because of his brain injuries. In August Cynthia suffered a
heart attack and has been in the hospital since. A couple weeks ago she
went through bypass surgery, she is recovering slowly and the doctors feel
she will hopefully have a full recovery with time.
Brandon lost his job and 2 months ago they lost their apartment. Brandon
has been living in a shelter since then. He is an amazing young man who
never complains about his situation, he just takes care of his Mom and keeps
on trying. He is getting help applying for Disability but as we know the wheels
turn slowly on such things. He is working hard to find an apartment to bring
his Mom home to, hopefully before Thanksgiving.

Sheila (SiriusFun) and I are planning a Charity BNS for Saturday Nov. 2nd to try
and raise some money to help these two wonderful people. The BNS will feature
only items from their shop - Ms CLeas Bead Emporium.( You will not be buying into this BNS, just helping
a fellow Statteam member !
Please consider stopping by on Saturday Nov.2nd and checking out their wonderful items ! You will be helping a dear Statteam member in need. The BNS will be open and monitored from 10am to 6pm EST Saturday Nov 2nd, we will leave it open for shoppers all weekend. We will post a link to the BNS on
Friday night Nov 1st.
If anyone is interested in simply making a donation to them just send a message to Sheila, Marge or myself and we can direct you how to do that.

Comments or suggestions are very much welcome !
Thank you all for taking the time to read this !

Linda & Sheila


This family has been hit by tragedy after tragedy this year, and this is the season of caring and giving. So I would like to ask that if you would be so kind as to make a purchase from this treasury to help out it would be appreciated more than you know:

Everyone can use beads and jewelry findings, right? And your purchase no matter how small will help out a family in great need.  If you would simply like to donate monetarily you can do so by Paypal as I did. I don't want to publish any one's email address so to make a monetary donation just contact the OP, Sheila or Marge and they will provide it to you. Please have a bit of patience as they will get back to you as soon as they can. If you cannot make a purchase or donation then please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. Even blogging it or tweeting it will be a big help. Heck, even viewing and clicking on items in the treasury will help.

People helping people-that's what life is all about. Well, that and people helping animals too, but right now it's people in need. I never ask anyone to do anything that I am not willing to do myself so as I said I made a donation, and I hope anyone who reads this does the same whether it be by purchasing from the treasury or monetary donation.

Once again thanks for listening and helping my generous, and caring posse,


Friday, November 1, 2013

I Always Knew That SurrenderDorothy Was Full Of Hot Air

After years of listening to this seller bitch, moan, and complain in the Etsy forum about how Etsy treats it's customers (sellers) and going on and on about how if she treated her customers as Etsy did she would be out of business I am now 100% convinced that SurrenderDorothy simply loved the sound of her own voice. I say "loved" and not "loves" because if I remember correctly she has been perma-muted (something that I had nothing to do with as I wasn't even a member of Etsy at the time it happened).

What convinces me that she simply loved the sound of her own voice? Well let's take a look. When someone states that they would be out of business if they treat their customers the way Etsy does then when I look at that person's feedback I would expect to see exemplary feedback. However that is not the case with SurrenderDorothy.
(that comment you can find here at CreativeBreakroom if it still exists):

Take a gander for yourself:

Feedback after feedback where this seller refuses to ship, is extremely slow to ship, and then simply refuses to communicate with her customers. This has gone on throughout her selling career on Etsy, and a lot of it is recent. Here are some examples:

Hammered Aluminum Covered Serving Dish Quince Pattern 1950s Mid Century Vintage
 I never received this item or any communication. I hope this seller is okay. I still would like to purchase this if the owner is still in business.
Temporama Dinner Plates Canonsburg Vintage Set Three Mid Century Classic White & Aqua Atomic Age 1960s USA
 More than disappointed, this seller never shipped, sat on my money for over a month and responded only once to my emails. I had to go through a paypal dispute to get my $$ back and I am not the only who has had this problem with this seller! My first bad encounter since I joined Etsy!
Orbit Planet Mars Earth Venus Mercury Victorian Astronomy 1892 Natural History Solar System Engraving To Frame
Never received this order. Unresponsive seller. I'll never do it again.
Autumn Gold Teacup Saucer Century Service Corp Set Of Two 22k Gold Trim Mid Century China 1950s 1960s
 Never received my order. Seller has stopped communication. This is my first bad experience with Etsy. Looks like others have had a good experience but you are taking a chance when you deal with this seller.
Egyptian Vulture Goddess Nekhebet Gold Collar King Tut Mummy Lithograph Ancient Natural History 1930s Art For Framing
Item never came. I purchase a lot through Etsy and this has never happened to me. Seller does not seem to care. Ignores my emails. I notice similar complaints from previous customers. Buyer beware.

 Starfish Giant Basket Star & Coral Haeckel Print Natural History Oceanography Victorian Scientific Lithograph To Frame                                                    
Was billed for, but never received item. Tried to contact seller for over a month with no reply. Finally had to go through paypal to dispute transaction. My first bad etsy experience in years of using this site. Too bad because this shop has amazing stuff and it looks like many other buyers have had good experiences. Not sure where the disconnect happened. Oh well.

Basimycetes Basidiomycetes Schwammpilze Mushroom Spores Vintage Haeckel Print Botanical Victorian Scientific Lithograph
Was billed for, but never received item. Tried to contact seller for over a month with no reply. Finally had to go through paypal to dispute transaction. My first bad etsy experience in years of using this site. Too bad because this shop has amazing stuff and it looks like many other buyers have had good experiences. Not sure where the disconnect happened. Oh well.
Cicada Leaf Hopper Chart 1907 Vintage Edwardian Entomology Natural History Rotogravure XXV Antique Illustration To Frame
My item did not arrive, but the seller worked with me to get a refund.

British Redware Teapot w Infuser Strainer Basket Half Pint English Breakfast Kitchen Serving 1950s England
Dont know what happened, seller never communicated and item never sent. Did get full refund.

Lynnwood Teacups & Saucers Century Service Corp Set Of Two Platinum Trim Mid Century China 1950s 1960s
It has been six weeks since I ordered, and I have not yet received these cups. Something must have gone wrong with the shop, for there is no conversation happening about this. I am disappointed.
Vintage Bead & Butter Plate Homer Laughlin Eggshell Nautilus Ferndale 22k Gold Trim Mid Century China 1940s                                                    
The plates are described accurately. The mishap in shipping although, could of been a lot smoother had there been more communication from the seller. Also, shipping price was exorbitant which I realized later. Seller also agreed to give me a price break since I bought more than one plate and they never did. Not very happy with this experience.
Goldilocks Tries The Chairs Maginel Wright Enwright Vintage Children's Nursery Print To Frame 1923
Never recieved item. Had an issue with the seller telling me she had sent it to wrong address (she is supposedly currently having personal issues with death in the family, but should really put that somewhere so people are aware) but had recieved it back and was going to mail it my way. Never happened and never heard from her again. Currently trying to get my refund back.
Inside The Atom Hans Erni Physics Scientific Atomic Age Lithograph Print To Frame 1950s
Great stuff but 2months wait time without responses.

Hummingbird & Antelope Haeckel Print Vintage Natural History Ornithology Bird Victorian Scientific Lithograph To Frame
Didn't respond to emails.
Now this is just the first few pages of her feedback. And granted some people could have received their items after they left feedback. However IMHO there is NO EXCUSE to just stop communicating with people who have bought from you. I also see that there was a death in her family and I am sorry about that. However there is also a way to put your shop on vacation mode so people can't purchase from it if you are having an emergency.
I mean why let your buyers continue to buy stuff you have no fucking intention of shipping and then let them think maybe it's YOU who was the death in the family considering your refusal to communicate? Why put people through this unnecessarily? Why not just put your shop on vacation mode until you feel like taking care of it?
And this recent death in the family cannot be the only problem with this shop as if you page back through her feedback you will see that people not getting what they bought, and being made to file a dispute to get their money back, and the seller's refusal to communicate far predates this recent death in the family. It goes way, way back.
So back to being put out of business for treating customers the way Etsy treats theirs-what is really so different about the two? Etsy does exactly what the hell they want to even if it's not fair, and if they don't feel like fucking with you they just ignore you. And so does this seller. She ships whenever the hell she feels like it, gets back to you whenever the hell she feels like it, and if she doesn't feel like it then she just refuses to communicate. She ignores her customers just as Etsy does their's. None of this is any more fair to her customers than when Etsy does it to theirs IMHO. So you might say when you point a finger at someone else four point back at you and that is the case here IMHO.
Now there are those who believe that when I was on Etsy I was there with the hidden agenda to ruin seller's lives. This was not the case. For one thing I didn't know any of these people before I got to Etsy and the forum, so why would I have a hidden agenda against them?
 However I will agree that once I got there I quickly tired of listening to some of these people drone on and on day after FUCKING day about how they were so fucking mistreated by Etsy and blah blah blah.  And what I WILL confess to is that I greatly enjoyed interrupting their little flow they had going on upon occasion, and this is what I meant when someone asked me why I did some of the stuff I did and I replied "Because I could".
 It had nothing to do with trying to ruin their reputation, or get them muted, or getting their shops shut down. Many of them managed to this quite well on their own. And this seller is no exception. She got herself muted and her store feedback and/or reputation is what it is due to her own damn fault. Except her shop is still there, and Etsy is still there-even though in a lot of people's opinions they both suck at what they do. 
I would say her treatment by Etsy has been fair-considering.  Her treatment by Etsy is a hell of a lot more fair than SurrenderDorothy's treatment of her own customer's IMHO because SurrenderDorothy can leave Etsy any fucking time she gets tired of Etsy's treatment. But she hasn't-her ass is still planted right there. And it's my belief that if Etsy said "Hey, SurrenderDorothy, come on back to the forum!" she'd be there so fast she'd probably pass herself getting there. In the meantime she puts her customers through hell trying to get what they ordered or there money back and more times than not just refusing to communicate to them all. You tell me which is more fair.
I always knew she was full of hot air because IMHO anyone who has drone on and on and create drama all the time is probably doing it to take attention off of something else. Like how much they suck at being a seller for instance.
Why Etsy lets sellers get away with shit like this forever is beyond me. Well actually it really isn't beyond me. It's because Etsy has never given a damn about buyers, and instead has chosen to focus on sellers even if it is to the detriment of people who sign up in good faith as buyers on Etsy. Sad state of affairs isn't it?